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Iran Issa Khan's long awaited collection of photographs, with foreward by Zaha Hadid. Please click the cover for more information and purchase options.

An object is never what it appears to be at first glance. My many years of fashion and portrait photography have taught me that every individual has beauty that evolves from within for me to capture and powerfully convey to others. Just as people do, I believe that each plant, each tree, each shell, nature itself has an inner force, an inner beauty that glows.
I like to discover what makes my subjects or objects truly what they are. Most of all, I inspire as an artist to convey this idea to those who do not have time to stop and search the provocative beauty of a rare Orchid, the mystery of a Bromeliad or the boundless sensuality of Monsteria Deliciosa. I find these secrets to be fabulous.
Iran Issa-Khan
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